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Hello and thanks for visiting the home of JW PowerParts at www.atv911.com! My name is Walt and I live in Baton Rouge with my wife and two Cajun pups.

Back in 1998 the vision for this little business was born out of a strong desire to share my extensive mechanical and technical knowledge with others.

I started working with aviation electronics in the military, then as a hobbyist, with Mercedes Benz and BMW autos and then moved on to Yamaha's Watercraft and ATVs. Along the years I gained a wealth of technical insight that has many of my friends a lot of time and money.

Here's how my story helps you… No matter what high quality ATV wet clutch you buy, some part is going to break. You visit your local dealer for the replacement part, like a simple set of wet clutch blocks for your ATV and WOW, you just learned that they don't sell just the blocks; they sell the entire clutch carrier assembly. That part alone will cost upwards of $300 with tax. But, you're thinking, “All I need are the blocks, not the whole assembly”… got it?

I enjoyed looking closely at the failed assemblies, determining what component actually failed, and then providing that part.

My OEM wet clutch blocks available here on my website, www.atv911.com provide an exceptional product at a very competitive price.

I currently offer them for Yamaha Grizzly 600 and 660s as well as Suzuki King Quads and many of the larger 700, 750 and 1000 Arctic Cat ATVs as well.

Got ideas for parts I should look into? Send them along.

Thanks very much for your continued support!

Walt at www.atv911.com